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Orient Robotics is a spin-off company incubated in Nanyang Technological University, Singapore. We develop technologies focused in the areas of high-fidelity teleoperation, multi-modal perception, robotics and autonomous systems.

Our Innovations

High Fidelity Teleoperation

World’s first high-fidelity tele-drive supporting multiple vehicle types. Wide FOV natural visual feedback with real-time image stitching. Ultra low latency and low bandwidth streaming compatible with 4G/5G and long range WiFi. Motion and haptic feedback synced with video.

Multi-modal Perception

Robust perception in adverse weather conditions.
Multi-sensor Calibration and Fusion.
Object detection, tracking and 3D positioning.
Seamless real-time image stitching.

3D Digital Twin

Colour point cloud mapping.
3D reconstruction technology.
Bandwidth reduction in data transmission.
Real-time rendering and highly accurate object detection.

Fleet Management and Command Centre

Management of a fleet of vehicles using teleoperation. Monitoring and control of AV operations and status. Optimal routing for a fleet of AVs.

Cybersecurity for Autonomous Vehicles

Real-time detection of attacks on sensors and actuators. Safety features for post-attack actions.

Cleanliness Auditing System

AI-based segmentation and cleanliness detection in real-time. Database and GUI for reports, results and analysis.


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Publicity video for our high-fidelity teleoperation platform.

Sensor Suite

Publicity video for our multi-modal sensor suite for all-weather perception.

CESG 2022

Media from our presence at CESG 2022.

ITAP 2022

Media from our presence at ITAP 2022 as part of the NRP exhibit.


Media from our presence at the NRP6 Festival 2023.

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